Tuesday, August 11

The Finishing Village of Charlotteville

Charlotteville is a tiny fishing village on the North West side of the island. As I pulled into town, I saw someone fishing and immediately darted out of the car to photograph them. It turned out to be an incredibly nice man named Antonio and his family. We had a great time chatting about life and living on the island.
// Charlotteville, Trinidad // 11.322120, -60.549774

Tuesday, August 4

Siewdass Sadhu's Temple in The Sea

One of the most meaningful parts of my trip was my visit to Siewdass Sadhu's Temple in The Sea. As I was approaching the Temple down it's long driveway, I saw smoke appear off the horizon. Once I stepped out of my car in the parking lot, I realized that I was witnessing the Antyesti rite of passage. I am always humbled to witness the grieving process of different cultures. As I continued 300 feet out the path into the ocean, the contrasting white and bright colors of the Temple struck me. Flags and statuaries adorn the surroundings and transport you to a different place.

Go There:
Siewdass Sadhu's Temple in The Sea- Waterloo, Trinidad (I was able to enter Temple in The Sea into Waze and it took me right there)
// Waterloo, Trinidad // 10.481688, -61.475571

Wednesday, July 29

Pitch Lake, Trinidad

Before getting on the Ferry to Tobago, I took a drive around Trinidad, with Pitch Lake being my end goal. While wandering around some side streets, I came across this stand. For only TT35 ($5.85) you can buy your self a freshly butchered Goat. As I continued on, the cars covered with grass caught my eye, so of course I pulled over to shoot them. Pitch Lake is one of only five tar pits in the world. It is mined for its tar which is used all over the world, even New York City. My tour guide took me all across the lake, which has an Elephant-like skin that covers the surface. If you wet your hands, you can touch the liquid tar, and even walk through it.

Go There:
Pitch Lake
- La Brea Village (follow your GPS, the signs poor at best)
You can drive your own rental car, hire a cab, or take an organized tour from Port of Spain. If you go on your own I recommend the TT30 ($5) per person private tour.
// La Brea, Trinidad // 10.232289, -61.628013