Sunday, March 29

Reportage: NJ Transit

The Train to NY Penn Station
// 596 Valley Rd, Montclair, NJ // 40.840887, -74.208097

Friday, March 27

On Set: Keith's Ceramics

I spent Friday photographing my good friend Keith's various ceramic works. Check back to see some of the images.
// Upper Montclair, NJ // 40.817410, -74.216119

Tuesday, March 24

Inspiration: Alisa Gould-Simon

Few people have this innate ability to know what's cool, whats hip, or what the next big thing will be, before anyone else. Even fewer have the ability to do it eloquently, and make a living off it. I am lucky to be able to call one of these people my friend, and that fantastic Alisa Gould-Simon.

She has a blog intitled CE N'EST PAS UN RÊVE which is worth checking out on a regular basis, I have the RSS feed on my blackberry.

Monday, March 23

Landscape: Greenpoint

Earlier last week my friend invited me to go to the opening of the new Beer store Brouwerij Lane, with the promise of free beer and goulash. How could I say no? Three subways lines later (E, L, G) we found our selves in Greenpoint Brooklyn. After our fill of beer and goulash we decided to explore the neighborhood a bit. It was interesting to say the least, we ran into fantastic graffiti artist, a drug dealer and a man napping in a car, on an abandoned lot (see below).

Walking down Greenpoint Ave.
// 50 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn NY // 40.729737,-73.959027

Landscape: Abandoned Station

The abandoned train station at Liberty State Park
// 200 Morris Pesin Dr, Jersey City NJ // 40.69916,-74.066863

Portrait: The Organist

A portrait of the Organist at the Old St. Patrick's Cathedral
// 32 Prince St. NYC // 40.722982,-73.994791


Okay, so this is my first attempt at a blog. I was inspired by a lot my friends who do them well, and even more by strangers that don't. Take that and add a twist of egocentricism and well see what we get.

I want this to be a place for people to be able to check in and see my work, what interests and inspires me, and hopefully it will push me to shoot more to keep people coming back.

Enjoy, and please leave comments (again it feeds the ego).