Thursday, April 30

Inspiration: Capa

One of the photographs who most inspires me, and whos books I can spend hours looking throgh is Robert Capa. He is one of the founders of the Magnum Photo Agency and father of "photo-journalism". Arguably his most well known image was taken during the Spanish Cival War, which depicts a soldier the moment he was shot. Yesterday the New York Times published an article about a trove of his negatives being discovered and delivered to the International Center of Photography.

From the Article: "When the three weathered cardboard boxes — known collectively, and cinematically, as the Mexican suitcase — arrived at the International Center of Photography more than a year ago, one of the first things a conservator did was bend down and sniff the film coiled inside, fearful of a telltale acrid odor, a sign of nitrate decay."
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Wednesday, April 29

Food: Pine State Biscuits

A friend of mine recommended having breakfast at Pine State Biscuits. Let me tell you, this is the real deal; everything a biscuit should be. Located on Belmont St. in a nice little neighborhood called Sunnyside, to the East of downtown, the place is exactly what I expected of a "locals" joint in Portland. The Bubble Up is kinda like sprite, and dont forget the requisite mug of Stumptown Coffee
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Monday, April 27

Artists 4 Israel: (S)kin

Yesterday Artists 4 Israel had it's first (S)kin event at Beauty Bar in NYC. It was a huge success by all accounts. The class was led by Doug Brega, an amazing water colorist from upstate NY. He did a fantastic job of working with the artists giving them feedback and critiques. Craig did a fantastic job of organizing the 5 models, while Sarah did an amazing job of putting the entire event together. From finding the location, to promoting it, to getting the space set up, and even convincing Rachael to go stand on 2nd ave and hand out flyers to complete strangers!!! Unbenounced to me (and I was at the door the whole time) a writer from the blog Scallywag and Vagabond wrote a really complementary article about the event. Please show your support and click through to check it out.
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Saturday, April 25

Reportage: Paradox Cafe

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Wednesday, April 22

Sunday, April 19

Saturday, April 18

Rambling: NYT Speaks Positively of Israel

There was a well written, pro-Israel, op-ed peice written in the New York Times yesterday by David Brooks. It pokes fun at the culture and the people in a positive way, while bringing current affairs in a way that people would be able to relate to. This is the type of positive press that the state needs.
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Rambling: PHL to SEA

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Wednesday, April 15

Portrait: SUE WORKS

This week I had the privilege of traveling with SUE WORKS, who is one of two Graffitti Artists in the country to have mastered the 3D style. Check out his myspace for more "flicks".
// The Alley next to 579 Mass Ave, Boston // 42.3647265, -71.1025682

Thursday, April 9

Portrait: Keith Grabowsky

Keith taking a look into the kiln to check how his work is doing.
// Upper Montclair, NJ // 40.817410, -74.216119

Saturday, April 4

Rambling: An annoyance and a Poem

I have spent the last few days in Cleveland for the funeral of of a close friend's father. Two things have stuck out to me over this trip that I would like to share. The first is the image below. On the counter of the Funeral home's bathroom was a stack of pamphlets entitled "Why Plan Ahead." It really bothered me that it was there, and I found it entirely inappropriate and actually offensive. I asked the other people I was sitting with, if I was alone in this reaction, I was assured that I was not. I do, however applaud the marketing prowess of the funeral home. It still remains that when people are grieving, this is not the time to advertise. It was brought to my attention that making the arraignments ahead has saved considerable angst when the time came.

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