Thursday, May 28

Artists 4 Israel: (S)kin

(S)kin - Nude life drawing

Artists 4 Israel is proud to present our second installment of our monthly life drawing class, (S)kin.

The class will be led by street artists, GAIA and Michael De Feo, AKA The Flower Guy.

We are proud to announce that our sponsor, Sabon, will provide the venue at their flagship New York store in SOHO. Sabon will also be providing complimentary gifts.

• There will be 4-5 nude models available to be drawn.
• The class is $15 in advance and $20 at the door.
• To RSVP in advance please email:

Tickets are limited so get them before we sell out! The event is also open to all so please feel free to bring friends.

The event is Bring Your Own Art Supplies.

The best response ive gotten to (s)kin flyer invitation thusfar:
"So at this thing on sunday, is there a problem if my art skills are subpar, but my ability to stare at hot naked chicks is quite good?"

Sunday, May 31, 2009, 8:00pm - 11:00pm, Sabon, 93 Spring Street (Corner of Broadway), New York, NY

// New York, NY // 40.723232, -73.998933

Restaurant: Bar Italia

I was commissioned to photograph Bar Italia for their marketing. Here are some of the shots from the day, I'm going tonight to take more.
// New York, NY // 40.77207, -73.956407

Tuesday, May 26

Portrait: Jason Pope

Competitive Surfer and amazing teacher Jason Pope
// Folly Beach, SC // 32.660038, -79.929081

Saturday, May 23

Ad Campaign: 004 Connect f. SUE WORKS

I am extremely pleased to present the finished products from the photo shoot last week. Above is the print add, followed by the promo video for the sponsor Connect 004. I shot all of the video (except when i'm in it), and SUE edited it.
// North Bergen, NJ // 40.803939, -74.011309

Friday, May 22

Inspiration: Edward Steichen

While I was walking around the USS Yorktown yesterday I came across a plaque dedicated to the photographer Edward Steichen. While I knew he was a war photographer, I never knew the extent to which he was involved. His carrier was vast and went from painting, to fashion, portrait, war and reporatge photography. In the First World War he commanded The Photographic Division of the American Expeditionary Forces and in the Second he was the Director of the Naval Photographic Institute. At a recent auction an original print of his, The Pond Moonlight sold for a record $2.9mm. He was also responsible for curating Family of Man, a photographic exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, as well as a book by the same name. It always amazes me to see how varied an individuals career can be, and the many things they do in their lifetime.
// Mount Pleasant, SC // 32.792300, -79.903710

Tuesday, May 19

Travel: Welcome to the South

Nothing welcomes you to the South better than a glass of FireFly (thats Sweet Tea vodka for the uninitiated of you) and water on the rocks, served on a Camel branded cocktail with "Fact's" about their "remastered blend." Next stop- The Perfect Mint Julep... suggestions?
// Charleston, SC // 32.780414, -79.927345

Sunday, May 17

Magazine: Live Wire

*Last image taken by Rachael, and it was her first time ever picking up a camera.

Yesterday I got the chance to shoot the cover for Live Wire Magazine. The ever talented SUE WORKS was the artists who created this fantastic piece. Be sure to check back to see the cover.
// North Bergen, NJ // 40.803939, -74.011309

Thursday, May 14

Shopping: Save Fashion

I know that most of you stay away from Port Authority at all costs (unlike me). I know I have tried to drag many of you through there at one point or another on the way to my house. But this time i've got it, a real reason for you to go there, and it's by way of pop-up store come Sample Sale- Save Fashion. This week is "Men's Week" (through the 20th), but for the rest of the world the woman's sale picks back up the 22nd and runs through the end of the event May 27th. The sale prices were fantastic- Rouges Gallery T-shirts for $20 down from $95, Helmut Lang Jeans for $150 down from $295. Then I came across the most amazing blazer I have ever seen, in life, ever! It was a Black Fleece by Thom Browne for Brooks Brothers, navy blue with white pin stripes, and pink trim. AMAZING. The only catch was the price... while it was marked down from $2000 to a mear $499 minus another 30% taken off at the register. Alas, it was still more than I had to spend.
// New York, NY // 40.666928, -73.978334

Wednesday, May 13

Landscape: Mossy Stairs

// Portland, OR // 45.5200322, -122.7067769

Sunday, May 10

Landscape: Grass

// Seattle, WA // 47.693456, -122.272885

Friday, May 8

Portrait: Patricia Field

For those of you who don't recognize, this is Pat Field of Sex & the City, Ugly Betty, and The Devil Wears Prada styling fame. I was commissioned to do this for a New York based magazine. It was taken at Splashlight Studios in NYC. The thing I remember most from this shoot is how sweet she was. Super easy to talk to, fun, witty, and snarky just as you would expect.
// New York, NY// 40.72276, -74.006272

Tuesday, May 5

Landscape: Clouds

For some reason Seattle has really cool clouds. Not the Simpson's clouds, but just cool ones.
// Seattle, WA // 47.693456, -122.272885

Sunday, May 3

Food: Chips & Salsa

While SUE was working on the two backdrops for the rally, Keith Grabowsky brought over a few more of his ceramic pieces for me to shoot. They can be seen on his website as well as various shows around New Jersey.
// Bloomfield, NJ // 40.8287271, -74.1865494

Friday, May 1

On Set: "Pieces" for Rally in Times Squar

The Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam (HRCARI) asked Artists 4 Israel to help provide them with various types of talent for their large rally in Time Square this coming Sunday (May 3rd). The musical performances include Bobbie Grei to sing The National Anthem and America The Beautiful, and a rap performance by Wordspit. Additionally they needed a backdrop for the stage; SUE WORKS was tapped for this honor. Some how my house ended up turning into his studio. The pieces came out brilliantly, and I even got to try my hand at graf and do some fill in work.
// Bloomfield, NJ // 40.8287271, -74.1865494