Thursday, July 30

Article: If Annie runs out of Money!?!?!?

If Annie Leibovitz can run out of money, then i'm in trouble. Shes being sued for 24mm over a loan she took out recently... check out the New York Times article.
// New York, NY // 39.360334,-74.437258

Tuesday, July 28

Portrait: Newspaper Man

I was walking around the City a few weekends ago and came across this newspaper man, and just had to shoot his portrait.
// New York, NY // 40.729824, -73.991413

Sunday, July 26

Artists 4 Israel: (S)kin 4

(S)kin 4 at Side Bar was a great success.
// New York<, NY // 40.734644,-73.988284

Friday, July 24

Music: Michael Franti

Went up to Lowell, MA with my Mom and Dad as well as Rachael for the Michael Franti & Spearhead concert. BSed with the ticket people to get a backstage pass.
// Lowell, MA // 42.635458,-71.302536

Wednesday, July 22

Restaurant: Bar Italia

I stopped by Bar Italia for a leisurely Sunday Brunch with Rachael a few weeks ago.
// New York, NY // 40.77207, -73.956407

Monday, July 20

On Set: Pare De Sufrir

Here are a few snaps from the CD cover I shoot for Raza Odiada. Click for the full post including more images from SUE's blog.
// West New York, NJ // 40.791928,-74.017605

Saturday, July 18

Reportage: Professional Bull Riders @ MSG

Every year the Professional Bull Riders Association comes to NYC's Madison Square Garden for one of it's championships. It seems like it would be the stupidest thing to watch, but it's a fantastic. There is a good mix of Bull Riding, and a nice bit of comedic entertainment. Check it out next year.
// New York, NY // 40.750743,-73.993654

Thursday, July 16

Portrait: Chef Dennis Franceschini

This is Dennis Franceschini chef and owner of Bar Italia on New York's Upper East Side. Besides being an excellent cook he is an incredibly warm and welcoming man. I have had the opportunity to photograph his restaurant and eat many plates of his wonderful food. I find my self forever craving his pasta with truffles and have gone multiple times just for it.

Go There:
Bar Italia - 1477 2nd Ave. New York, NY
// New York, NY // 40.77207, -73.956407

Tuesday, July 14

Animals: Birds

Birds from a field trip to the Bronx Zoo with Rachael and her "kids", and Marianne and her kids.
// Bronx, NY // 40.852285,-73.881448

Sunday, July 12

Landscape: Rice Patty

This is a rice patty on a plantation in Charleston, SC. 
// Charleston, SC // 32.900110, -80.141070

Article: Readers Photos: Call Forwarding / Rex Manning Day / Blackberry Tour

It's Rex Manning Day!!!!! Well its not, but its pretty darn close in my book; it's Blackberry Tour Day! The day when after two years I finally get a new Blackberry, and I couldn't be more excited. The thing i'm looking forward to most is the built in 3.2 MP camera. It will be great to have a decent camera with me, while not having to shlep another thing around all the time.  Speaking of time, the New York Times had a really cool post on their Lens blog the other day. Entitled Readers Photos: Call Forwarding , the article  and accompanying gallery was a compilation of user submitted photographs taken on mobile phones. Its pretty amazing to watch as technology evolves and marvel at what it lets us do. 

Now I finaly have an excuse to get the Polaroid Pogo.  If your not familiar with this nifty little printer you should check it out.  It uses the bluetooth in your mobile phone to connect the camera and print 2x3 in peel off photos.  Since I can't get get film for my SX-70 anymore, I think this will have to be the next best thing.  Though reading the reviews just now, I am having some second thoughts. 
// New York, NY // 40.755959,-73.990286

Friday, July 10

Reportage: Construction in USQ

Someone resonantly told me that Wisoncoson only has two seasons, Winter and Construction... some weeks I feel like NYC isnt that far off. But hte projects here seem to go on for years.
// New York, NY // 40.737042,-73.990921

Wednesday, July 8

Bands: Raza Odiada

I recently had the opportunity to do a CD cover shoot for the band Raza Odiada. It was the first time I played with fake wounds, liquid latex and blood, and I now understand why people spend years specializing and learning how to do this stuff. All in all it was a lot of fun and came out really well.
// West New York, NJ // 40.791928,-74.017605

Artists 4 Israel: (S)kin 4 at Side Bar

This month's skin event is looking to be a really good one thanks to some hot models, and a cool location. RSVP before the event to for the reduced price of $15 or $20 at the door.

Go There:
Side Bar- 15th St. at Irving Place

// New York // 40.734644,-73.988284

Monday, July 6

Reportage: New Jersey State Fair at the Meadowlands (Giants Stadium)

Sorry for such a long laps since my post, my computer crashed which had the server password (ie no uploading photos) But were back up and running. To make up for this I have created a 14 image post. Enjoy-

If you grew up in New Hampshire then this ain't your fathers fair. But as far as us urbanites go its pretty awesome. Don't worry you will still get your fill of all the typical food and activities; Zeppole's, Corn Dog's, Deep-Fried Pickles and Twinkies. For those feeling a twinge of homesickness from growin' up out on the farm you will find Rosaire's Royal Racing Pigs and a Petting Zoo, the first truly is a don't miss. Don't miss the rides either, while this isn't Cedar Point the ride are quite fun and it's worth getting the unlimited ride hand stamp for $17.50.

Go There:
NJ State Fair- Rt. 3 in the Giants Stadium Parking Lot
// East Rutherford, NJ // 40.812599,-74.070622