Friday, October 30

Artists 4 Israel: (S)kin 7

The 7th A4I (S)kin life drawing class was held at an amazing venue called The Garment Room. A vintage clothing store packed with hand picked items that also acts as a gallery space. Showing some of the best graffiti writers, and other contemporary artists who's work is both on display and for sale. The class lasted for over 2 hours and was stocked with 5 fantastic nude models, and lead by instructor Dean Radinovsky. As usual the event proved to be a huge success with artists of all levels creating amazing work.

Go There:
The Garment Room: 112 Green St. NYC
// New York, NY // 40.733387, -73.957027

Monday, October 26

Portrait: Sy Mohr

If you have ever wanted to meet a character, one of those people you only see in the movies, then take a stroll around downtown Annapolis where you will find contemporary American painter Sy Mohr. An amazing man by all accounts, born in the Bronx, NY (where he received a medal from Mayor Laguardia), later moved to Amish Country in Pennsylvania where he currently resides. He travels with a warn 3 inch binder bursting clippings of his work, and newspapers tears, which I was instructed to carry from his SUV to the near by visitors center where one of his more famous works hangs. His widow which he refers to as "The Red Head" is frequently refrenced in conversation and can be found in many of his works, which are large painted collages of cityscapes and portraits of local peoples. He has recently suffered a stroke, which rendered him incapable of writing though he is still able to paint. While looking through his works he tells stories of time spent with his friends Georgia O'Keefe & Alfred Stieglitz, and by all accounts is a poster boy (man) for President Obama. With political views he's more than happy to share (need I say left leaning), and has a passion that's both contagious hes convincing.

Learn More:
Sy Mohr's Website (Even though it warns you, it dosnt harm your computer, but if your still concerned try the links below)
Parish Gallery- Washington, DC
// Annapolis, MD // 38.972807, -76.504263

Thursday, October 22

Reportage: Monkeying Around

On the way to my friend Caitlin's wedding we stopped for lunch. While waiting for the food to get there, we needed something to occupy our selves with.
// Atlantic City, NJ // 39.359128, -74.440596

Sunday, October 18

Food: Italian Prune Plum Crisp

I have been hearing a lot about these Italian Prune Plums. They are the size of a prune... but are plums, so when I was at Corrado's Market the other day and saw them, so I figured I would give them a go. So after much googling I decided on a few different recipes that I combines to get the above.
// Bloomfield, NJ // 40.791907, -74.195733

Wednesday, October 14

Landscape: EWR

This is one of the best photographs I have taken in a long time. A mix of a great camera and being there at the right time. This one was taken while driving down (Counting the Cars on) the NJ Turnpike en rout to Ikea.
// Elizabeth, NJ // 40.692410, -74.184280

Saturday, October 10

Reportage: Pick Your Own

Today Rachael, Brandon and I went Apple & Pumpkin Picking out by his house. The leaves had started to turn and it was a beautiful day to be out and about.
Go There:
Melicks Town Farm - 170 Oldwick Rd, Oldwick, NJ - (908) 439-2955
// Oldwick, NJ // 40.663856, -74.741331

Tuesday, October 6

Magazine: Dirt Cheep (UK)

This is a spread I shot for the UK Magazine Dirt Cheep. The article (starting on page 80) is on Wordspit, and the interview was by Craig Dershowitz.
See It:
Dirt Cheep Magazine - Issue 12
// New York, NY // 40.756369, -73.988121

Friday, October 2

Reportage: Art Battles @ The Red Bull Space

This was a really cool event I went to at the Red Bull Space in NYC. The Artists each painted their canvases while all of the partiers watched and drank vodka Red Bulls and Colt 45. After they were all done the spectators voted for their favorite.
// New York, NY // 40.7142691, -74.0059729