Saturday, December 25

Reportage: Christmas in Jerusalem

People getting ready for Christmas in Jerusalem.
Merry Christmas.


// Old City Jerusalem // 31.7857, 35.2007

Wednesday, December 8

Restaurant: Lina

If you say "effo Lina" to anyone in Jerusalem's Old City they will point you in the right direction. That direction is to one of the most famous restaurants in the entire city. With a line always out the door you can't miss this place. They are known for the freshest Hummus around, and well worth stopping for lunch.

Go There:
Lina Restaurant
- Shchunat Hanotzrim St, Jerusalem, Israel - 02-6277230 or internationally +972-2-6277230
// Jerusalem, Israel // 31.7857, 35.2007

Wednesday, December 1

Reportage: Security Assessment in the Jordan Valley

Today I got to go on a security assent of a farm in the Jordan Valley with Marc who is the Director of Security for the One Israel Fund. I had an amazing time seeing a part of the country which is very rarely explored, but beautiful. The farm is run by a very sweet man, and lives there with his family. He also takes in young kids who are in trouble, and helps to rehabilitate them before they go into the army.

*I was super happy with the way the images came out so I kept them full frame

// Jordan Valley, Israel

Sunday, November 28

Paint Israel 2: Day 11

Day 11 in Ariel
// Ariel, Israel // 32.0768028, 34.7864556

Saturday, November 27

Paint Israel 2: Day 10

As the part of Ariel was religious (though less than 10% of the city is), we decided respect that tradition and went to the city of Kiryat Ata close to Heifa. This is the home town of one of our Israeli writers SILO. It was 5 years since his father passed, and he asked the artists and Craig if we could go to his town and paint a memorial to his father. Of corse they immediately said yes! So they painted this beautiful mural. We all then went to Silo's house and had his mothers tea and cookies.
// Kiryat Ata, Israel // x

Friday, November 26

Paint Israel 2: Day 9

Our second day in Ariel found us with a new group of 20 eager high school students, plus a few who played hooky to come back and paint. Throughout the afternoon, as more people heard about what we were doing they brought clothes to be signed by the artists, not to mention lots of snacks.
/ Ariel, Israel // 32.0768028, 34.7864556