Sunday, January 3

Road Trip: Day 2

Today was filled with several lessons. 1) A GPS is only useful when its switched in the on position. Who knew? 2) Sunday in the south sucks. A lot. We found two awesome places to have lunch in Nashville, both closed. Then had about 5 places to try in Memphis, all also closed. I hate to tell you, but monday isn't much better. We did however meet The Ambassador of Beale St. while at Ground Zero Blues Club. Also became well acquainted with two local libations which I highly recommend. American Honey Burbon and Southern Pecan Beer by Lazy Magnolia. That was followed by late night snacks at Blues City Cafe. We recommend the Chicken Strips and stuffed mushrooms.

Go There:
Ground Zero Blues Club- 158 Lt Geo w Lee Ave, Memphis, TN - (901) 522-0130
Blues City Cafe- 138 Beale Street, Memphis, TN - (901) 526-3637

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  1. Here's another tip I'll tell you before you learn the lesson: A GPS is only as good as its last update. You cannot imagine the trouble this one caused us once!

    And Sunday in the south? Yes, worse than Bergan County, NJ.

    You are lucky you're taking the southern route to California, since up here the Frozen Tundra is living up to its name. Do let me know if you ever do make it up in my neck of the woods.

    Hope you are well.