Friday, February 26

Reportage: Queens Street Scene

Each borough of New York is so different, with each neighborhood having its own flavor. This is just one scene in a million. The other beautiful thing about exploring all of these areas is the food. I had a fantastic Goat Roti, Jamican Beef Pati and a whole bunch of things I couldn't even name.

Quick Fact: Queens is the only Borough in which mail gets address to the specific town, rather than the borough.

Go There:
Sandy's Roti Shop
- 121-10 Liberty Ave, South Richmond Hill, NY 11419 or on Facebook
// South Richmond Hill, NY // 40.686997, -73.822089

Monday, February 22

Rambling: Live Life

This is a photo of a quote from an issue of W- Brilliant.
// New York, NY // 40.756000, -73.990559

Thursday, February 18

Reportage: Kings Inn

I took these images at a Motel in NJ. I had driven past it for many years, and decided to stop and shoot a bit. I want to get back here and do some sort of a fashion shoot, or a portrait.
// Wayne, NJ // 40.893602, -74.250054

Sunday, February 14

Reportage: Lab Work

My best friend is a PhD candidate at UCSD. During a recent trip to visit him, I got the privilege of going on a tour of his lab. He was in on the weekend to change the media of some cells. The highlight was getting to see the liquid hydrogen and playing with Parafilm.
// San Diego,CA // 32.875970, -117.239139

Wednesday, February 10

Isramerica @ City Winery

Artists 4 Israel's sister organization Isramerica had a fantastic event last week that I shot the photographs for. The their words:
Isramerica at City Winery will showcase a slew of outrageously hilarious stand- up comedians and the finest acoustic musical acts. Almost all the material is original and will make you laugh till you're blue in the face or just feel downright good!
We couldn't have asked for a better venue; City Winery.
All those promises were achieved. The next big event that we are working on together is called CRAZY KINKY PURIM EXTRAVAGANZA! Check it out on facebook or show up to the event.

Go There:
CrazyKinkyPurim Extravaganza!
Sunday, February 28, 2010 at 6:00pm @ The Delancey - 168 Delancey btw Clinton & Attorney
// New York, NY // 40.714550, -74.007124

Saturday, February 6

Reportage: Martin Blank Large Figure

I shot this story while at my cousin Martin Blank's Hot Shop in Seattle a few weeks ago. He and his team created this extremely large female figure. This is a unique peek into the world of glass sculpting that few are able to see.

Go There:
Martin Blank Studios
- 206/621-9733‎
// Seattle, WA // 47.619876, -122.356563