Friday, April 30

Paint Israel: Day 6

This was the last fun day of painting for the artists. Again they split up, one going to North Tel Aviv to work with 10 of their gifted artists. The rest went to a very disadvantaged area in South Tel Aviv called Kfar Shalem to a school middle school called Tel Hai. We were greeted by some very excited students and faculty. After a meeting with the principles we help mini art classes with small groups of kids. We then went outside to paint with them, and for the carnival. Check out this amazing article written about our time at Tel Chai by the JPost.
// Kfar Shalem - Tel Aviv District, Israel // 32.0554, 34.7595

Thursday, April 29

Paint Israel: Day 5

Day 5 was a great day for our artists. We started out in Tel Aviv, and headed over to Jerusalem for a tour of the Old City, concluding at the Western Wall. None of the artists had been there before, so it was really amazing for them to experiences it. After that Tara, Sarah and my self took a small group of artists to a woman's shelter called Story of Hope. We all had an amazing time getting to know the woman in the house and the house moms.
// Jerusalem, Israel // 31.7857, 35.2007

Wednesday, April 28

Paint Israel: Day 4

The 4th and final day in Sderot was spent in two groups. The first finished painting their bomb shelters, and the other group was invited back to the 77th Armored Battalion which servers on the boarder with Gaza. We were asked to paint their supply containers. We were honored by their invitation and hospitality while on base. While the graffiti artists were painting CJ used his watercolors to paint individual portraits for the solders. After the painting was finished we packed up the cars and headed to Tel Aviv to meet with the individuals who were hosting the home stays. This was followed by a beach party at Banana Beach.
// Sderot, Israel // 31.5261111, 34.5938889

Tuesday, April 27

Paint Israel: Day 3

Day 3 started with some of the artists continuing to paint bomb shelters, while SUE and Belin went over to the Chabad House to begin a portrait of the Rebbi. In the afternoon a group of us went to take a tour of the 77th Tank Battalion. It was a neat experience to be a able to crawl down into the tank, as well as see where the young IDF soldiers eat and sleep. After we went back to the Chabad House to see the amazing work the guys did. They were surprised by the chance to meet the Rabbi of the Sderot center. While this was happening another group was at Alon Dividi's Gymboree playing and painting with the kids. This evening the artists continued to paint until after it got dark. At 10:30pm when everyone had wrapped up we all went to the local pizza place and were presented each with a key to the city.
// Sderot, Israel // 31.5261111, 34.5938889