Tuesday, April 27

Paint Israel: Day 3

Day 3 started with some of the artists continuing to paint bomb shelters, while SUE and Belin went over to the Chabad House to begin a portrait of the Rebbi. In the afternoon a group of us went to take a tour of the 77th Tank Battalion. It was a neat experience to be a able to crawl down into the tank, as well as see where the young IDF soldiers eat and sleep. After we went back to the Chabad House to see the amazing work the guys did. They were surprised by the chance to meet the Rabbi of the Sderot center. While this was happening another group was at Alon Dividi's Gymboree playing and painting with the kids. This evening the artists continued to paint until after it got dark. At 10:30pm when everyone had wrapped up we all went to the local pizza place and were presented each with a key to the city.
// Sderot, Israel // 31.5261111, 34.5938889

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