Friday, June 25

Landscape: Echinacea

This is a Echinacea flower that I photographed for the Director of the New York Botanical Gardens. He was writing a feature article for Pharmaceutical Crops magazine.
// Bloomfield, NJ // 40.828212, -74.186783

Sunday, June 20

Reportage: Arab Market in Akko

Akko is a neat little town on the West coast of Israel's North. Its a very old port town filled with tons of history. Check back for more photos from my exploration of this area.
// Akko, Israel // 32.9206, 35.1003

Wednesday, June 16

Landscape: The Dead Sea

I came across this abandoned restaurant on the coast of the Dead Sea while exploring the area. You can see an IDF base through the hole.
// Kalya Junction, Israel // 31.389299, 35.361240

Friday, June 11

Portrait: Luca Quinn

Congratulations to my good friends Marianne and Emilio on the Baptism of their 5th son Luca Quinn.
// Bayonne, NJ // 40.6695464, -74.1168219

Sunday, June 6

Reportage: Bronx Kids Playing with a Pump

To me, one of the most stereotypical things about city life is kids playing in the street with a pump (fire hydrant). This is just one of those times, that no matter where you are or what circumstances you live in, its something you can have fun doing.
// Bronx, NY // 40.86719, -73.895978

Tuesday, June 1

Restaurant: Katz's Delicatessen

My little cousin was visiting so I took him for a snack to the famous Katz's delicatessen in NYC.
// New York, NY // 40.722283, -73.98747