Sunday, August 29

Events: Meeting of Styles

Yesterday I got the chance to check out Meeting of Styles, a huge Graffiti event where all the best artists from all over the US come to create murals and showcase their work. It was sponsored this year by the Urban Art Foundation which protects and defends urban artists and the work they produce. It was a lot of fun to shoot and had some amazing works.
// Paterson, NJ // 40.911567, -74.160805

Sunday, August 22

Reportage: Reading

I was walking around Williamsburg and noticed this woman in her window reading, it just strikes me as such a NY thing.
// Brooklyn, NY // 40.7136431, -73.9619536

Sunday, August 15

Portrait: AME72

AME72 is a British born Artist who moved to Israel 5 years ago. He was in New Jersey to be a part of the Meeting of Styles. He has been a fan of the TV show The Sopranos, so I took him to the place where it all ended, Holstens.
// Bloomfield, NJ // 40.828212, -74.186783

Sunday, August 8

Reportage: Hoboken

I was walking around Hoboken late one night and took these with my phone.
// Hoboken, NJ // 40.7355398, -74.0275819

Sunday, August 1