Tuesday, November 23

Paint Israel 2: Day 6

"At the Intel Clubhouse in Neve Yaakov, Israel, a group of international graffiti artists, breakdancers and DJs turned this small, Israeli town into the coolest place in the Middle East for one night. Looking like a block party in the Bronx, the children of Neve Yaakov had fun dancing and creating art."
Neve Yaakov, a town in what is considered "East Jerusalem," meaning that it is on the far side of the Green Line, and up for debate as to whom it belongs to. The community now is a mix of Arab and Jewish residents living together happily. The artists had a great time visiting the Intel Clubhouse. The Intel Computer Clubhouse Network is a series of community centers all over the world sponsored by Intel. Intel also made donations to us to help have this event.
Go There:
Intel Computer Clubhouse Network
// Neve Yaakov, Israel // 31.7857, 35.2007

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