Wednesday, November 24

Paint Israel 2: Day 7

This day was much longer than it would appear in this blog post- but my memory card crashed, and the company says it will take a minimum of 3 months for them to look at it and see if they can rescue it. Mind you this was a brand new memory card, I only used it 3 times. So the moral is don't ever use Transcend memory products. They SUCK!

The images were shot in the end of the day along Rt. 60 which runs through Judean Samaria. It is currently a fairly safe road which is patrolled by the IDF. These are two bus stops which we were asked by paint after we left Beit El. One was right across from a larger town, but the second was down the highway in a dark area, so security came to escort us while we painted.
// Rt. 60 Israel // 32.0768028, 34.7864556

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