Thursday, November 25

Paint Israel 2: Day 8

The first day in Ariel was great. We had the warmest welcome by the Deputy (Acting) Mayor, her staff and 20 high school students who were to join us for the day. We learned that there are games which can be played anywhere in the world, no matter what language you speak. We then did some painting with them, and prepped the wall. Four media outlets came by learn throughout the day to report on our visit and who we were in Ariel to break the cultural boycott. I must also mention Avi Zimmerman who was the man who is responsible for helping A4I get to Ariel. He met with us in the States, helped secure housing and paint for us. After all of that he organized a 60 person Thanksgiving dinner for the Artists and Anglo Community of Ariel with two whole Turkeys. He had never had or cooked a whole Turkey before, but did a perfect job. Thank you Avi!!!
// Ariel, Israel // 32.0768028, 34.7864556

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