Friday, May 27

Paint Israel 3: Day 15

We were invited my the Mayor of Shlomi to paint the entire center of his town. It was the first time we have been given such a gracious offer. They loved the results and asked us to come back again to transform even more of their community.
// Shlomi, Israel // 33.073203, 35.146637

Thursday, May 26

Paint Israel 3: Day 14

The artists split up into two groups. The first went to the Art On the Fence Festival where they painted an old Ammunitions Bunker. The second group went to a school for Arab Israeli Kids. They got to play soccer and have fun with the kids despite the language barrier.
// Abu Hawarif // 32.952072,35.158353

Tuesday, May 24

Paint Israel 3: Day 12

We spent the morning painting the Gush Etsyon Junction and the rest stop for soldiers. After that we headed to the Caliber 3 Shooting Range where we got to play with a Tavor Rifle. As the sun was setting we painted the youth center in Efrat.
// Gush Etsyon, Israel // 31.646057, 35.132132

Monday, May 23

Paint Israel 3: Day 11

Dolev is a residential rehabilitation school in the community of Dolev near Modiin for 107 high-risk girls (ages 10-19) from all over Israel. We were invited there to paint the school and add color like we have become famous for. The girls really appreciated the difference we made to the campus. That evening we had an amazing dinner with the Deputy Director General Ministry of Public Diplomacy in Jerusalem.
// Dolev, Israel // 31.926706, 35.133719

Sunday, May 22

Paint Israel 3: Day 10

Shilo is a small very tight knit community with lots of families. The artists painted the local winery as well as a school and handball court. Special thanks to One Israel Fund and Marc Prowisor for organizing this part of the trip.
// Shilo, Israel // 32.052317, 35.296025