Tuesday, January 10

365 Project - Day 202

I was blown away by the Israel Museum. I went in expecting to see a quality museum, but was completely stunned by the depth of their collection. I started out with lunch at their meat restaurant The Modern. The staff was incredibly attentive and the food was well prepared and beautifully presented. They are also known for having one of the largest selections of Israeli wine in the country.

After a leisurely lunch I headed out to the sculpture garden, which has a well curated cross section of contemporary sculptures from Serra to Indiana.

I then headed inside the main building, where they house most of the exhibitions. I spend most of my time in the temporary galleries which focused on contemporary works. There were so many different and innovative works, however one that stood out was the work in the video above. It uses an aggregation of words from news headlines that are displayed with falling water. Another favorite was called Cross Fire (click to watch) a video which uses the scene in American Beauty where they are screaming across the dinner table at each other as its soundtrack, with it's visual component created made of ceramics.

After that I wandered into the finest example of an 18th Century French Salon outside of France. After that I wondered through what the museum is best known for, its Jewish Art. Walking into one of the six Synagogs, whey they have moved from their original locations and rebuilt, into this section, gives you the feeling that you are in their original home. It's well worth taking a day to explore this world class museum.

Go There:
The Israel Museum
- Ruppin 11, Jerusalem, Israel
// Jerusalem, Israel // 31.772141, 35.203972

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