Thursday, April 24

Video: Painting a Warehouse in New Orleans

I filmed New York based artists 2ESAE (UR New York) and BROKER as they explored and painted an abandoned warehouse in New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward.
// New Orleans, LA // 29.952456, -90.012902

Wednesday, April 23

The New York State Pavilion at the World Fair

Yesterday for the first time in 50 years The New York State Pavilion was opened to the public. The site was declared a National Treasure, opening it for federal funding to restore it.

Go There:
The New York State Pavilion
- Flushing Meadows Corona Park New York, NY
// Queens, NY // 40.743457, -73.844278

Wednesday, April 16

I love when someone does it right.

I love when advertisers take the time to join creativity with great execution, the necessary resources [money], and produce an ad which leaves you grinning.

h/t Becky via Gizmodo
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