Monday, September 22

Rt 70 - Utah and Western Colorado Edition (Day 2)

Just past where Routes 15 and 70 cross in Utah you will pass Cove Fort, where you should stop and check it out. A really neat Landmark built by Mormon Missionary Ira Hinckley and his family, under the instruction from President of the Church Brigham Young. It was built to protect, feed, and 'spread the word' to travelers as they passed through the desolate area. The site is beautiful maintained by the Church, with free tours by welcoming, non-proselytizing Missionaries.

Continuing North along Route 70 you will find a fantastic scenic rest stop, with blankets displaying hand made pottery, dreamcatchers and other typical Native American wears for purchase. Most striking is the panoramic view of Devils Canyon Wilderness Area.

I don't often fall in love with a town, but Aspen took my heart. From the great restaurants, bars and shops, to the architecture, and the proximity (20 feet away from the last building) to nature, it has everything you could want. Being in New York, I had forgotten how bright and vast the Milky Way is. I was thrilled to be able to capture a shooting star, so if you noticed it - make a wish.

Go There:
Cove Fort
- North of the junction of 15 & 70

Scenic Pull Off- Along Rt 70 at 38.830244, -111.116755
// Aspen, CO // 39.139646, -106.772939

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