Thursday, January 29

Roadside Auto Repair

While driving back through the mountains towards Tbilisi I came across these guys working on an engine, and sitting around enjoying a fire.
// Akhmeta, Georgia // 42.021097, 45.244682

Wednesday, January 28

Sagarejo, Georgia

I've been taking too many photos to put into one post each day, so I've started to break them down into easily digestible pieces in order to share my whole experience of this beautiful country.

This morning, on the way to the Davit Gareja Monastery I stopped in the small village of Sagarejo for breakfast and snapped some images walking around.
// Sagarejo, Georgia // 41.735898, 45.327273

Tuesday, January 27

Exploring Around Tbilisi

The childhood home of Stalin
I took off to the East to check out Gori, the home of Stalin and a few Churches (more posts to come) in the area. I wasn't more than 10 kilometers out of Tbilisi, and I had to pull over to start taking pictures. Gori was a cute little town, and the Stalin museum was fascinating.
// Gori, Georgia // 41.986555, 44.114292