Monday, January 26

Tbilisi Day Two

I spent most of the afternoon wandering around the Dry Bridge Market (blog post to come). After checking out all the neat stuff for sale, I wandered into a restaurant called Bread Basket and had a great meal of roasted pork ribs and potatoes, excellent. Just a few blocks away was the famous Sulfer Bath house, which took the rest of my evening. The entrance fee is 3GEL ($1.50) and massages are 10 GEL ($5), but they make their money of tourists by gouging you 6 GEL ($3) for a towel that is really a sheet. It is a communal bath, divided into men and woman's sides. If you are really uncomfortable, there is a private option for 50 GEL ($25), but I think you would lose the whole point. No one spoke English, but some how I ended up "chatting" with the ticket taker in the locker room for 45 minutes while drinking tea and he looked at all my pictures. I was having a hard time figuring

Go There:
Bread House
- 7 Gorgasali Str, Tbilisi
Sulphur Springs Bath- 13 Abano St. Tbilisi, Georgia
// Tbilisi, Georgia // 41.688766, 44.811014

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