Tuesday, February 24

Davit Gareja Monastery

Welcome to the end of the World. The Davit Gareja Monastery is located 70KM from Tbilisi, by way of the town of Sagarejo and through the even smaller village of Udabno. Then up dirt roads which debatably cross the Azeri border. After driving though the mountains, you arrive at the complex and are free to wander around. When I arrived, there were three other tourists (who had come in an appropriate vehicle). Once they left the true quiet set in. Wandering through the caves and chapels of the complex gives a sense of what it was like to live there in the 6th century. If you make it to Georgia, you should add a trip here to the top of your list (and make sure to have a good vehicle!).

Go There: Davit Gareja Monastery- There does not seem to be any public transportation, but plenty of tours or drive your own car.
// Mount Gareja, Udabno, Georgia // 41.447308, 45.376414

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