Wednesday, July 29

Pitch Lake, Trinidad

Before getting on the Ferry to Tobago, I took a drive around Trinidad, with Pitch Lake being my end goal. While wandering around some side streets, I came across this stand. For only TT35 ($5.85) you can buy your self a freshly butchered Goat. As I continued on, the cars covered with grass caught my eye, so of course I pulled over to shoot them. Pitch Lake is one of only five tar pits in the world. It is mined for its tar which is used all over the world, even New York City. My tour guide took me all across the lake, which has an Elephant-like skin that covers the surface. If you wet your hands, you can touch the liquid tar, and even walk through it.

Go There:
Pitch Lake
- La Brea Village (follow your GPS, the signs poor at best)
You can drive your own rental car, hire a cab, or take an organized tour from Port of Spain. If you go on your own I recommend the TT30 ($5) per person private tour.
// La Brea, Trinidad // 10.232289, -61.628013

Monday, July 27

The Breakfast Shed

Along the Gulf side of the island, on the edge of water the water sits an open air picnic area know as the Breakfast Shed. Along the sides are stalls where woman sell their homemade food. The tables are filled with mostly locals, who were welcome and helped me figure out what to order, Fish Stew and Fried Bake for the record.

Go There:
Breakfast Shed
- Wrightson Road, Port of Spain (next to the Water Taxi)
// Port of Spain, Trinidad // 10.649359, -61.514555

Tuesday, July 21

Arriving in Trinidad

After landing in Trinidad, and getting through customs, (just a quick bag x-ray) I drove towards the hotel and pulled into this overlook. As I would later find, this is very typical for the Islands, with elaborate vendors selling mostly snack-type food. After getting settled at the hotel, I walked through The Queens Park Savannah on way to an excellent Indian supper.

Go There: Apsara Restaurant - 13 Queen's Park E Cadiz Rd Port of Spain
// Port of Spain, Trinidad // 10.667637, -61.508653

Wednesday, July 15

Behind the Scenes: Grand Central Terminal

Over the weekend I got to take a behind the scenes tour of Grand Central Terminal. Danny, our tour guide who can best be described as a pisser, was simply amazing. His passion for and knowledge of the building is unmatched.

Special thanks to Matt Sweetwood of Unique Photo for organizing the tour.

Go There:
Grand Central Terminal-
89 E 42nd St. New York
Unique Photo - 123 US-46 Fairfield, NJ
// New York, NY // 40.752629, -73.977251