Tuesday, August 11

The Finishing Village of Charlotteville

Charlotteville is a tiny fishing village on the North West side of the island. As I pulled into town, I saw someone fishing and immediately darted out of the car to photograph them. It turned out to be an incredibly nice man named Antonio and his family. We had a great time chatting about life and living on the island.
// Charlotteville, Trinidad // 11.322120, -60.549774

Tuesday, August 4

Siewdass Sadhu's Temple in The Sea

One of the most meaningful parts of my trip was my visit to Siewdass Sadhu's Temple in The Sea. As I was approaching the Temple down it's long driveway, I saw smoke appear off the horizon. Once I stepped out of my car in the parking lot, I realized that I was witnessing the Antyesti rite of passage. I am always humbled to witness the grieving process of different cultures. As I continued 300 feet out the path into the ocean, the contrasting white and bright colors of the Temple struck me. Flags and statuaries adorn the surroundings and transport you to a different place.

Go There:
Siewdass Sadhu's Temple in The Sea- Waterloo, Trinidad (I was able to enter Temple in The Sea into Waze and it took me right there)
// Waterloo, Trinidad // 10.481688, -61.475571